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Reasoning puzzle questions and answers

Reasoning puzzle questions and answers

puzzle Reasoning का एक topic होता है जो बैंक के exam में आता है यह बैंक की reasoning का सबसे hard topic होता है cut off को clear करने के लिए puzzles की तैयारी आवश्यक है जो भी student बैंक के लिए फॉर्म अप्लाई कर रहे है उनके लिए एक अच्छी information है हम आपको puzzles की तैयारी के लिए यंहा पर आपको puzzles के practice सेट provide कर रहे है
बैंक के एग्जाम में puzzles 8 – 10 marks की आती है puzzles की तैयारी के लिए candidate ज्यादा से ज्यादा practice set को solve करे हम आपको puzzles की तैयारी के लिए यंहा पर आपको puzzles के practice सेट provide कर रहे है
Eight players(Both National level and International level players) in particular viz., P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W went to a competition by an Eight Seater Vehicle. Among the players Four of them play Hockey and remaining players connected with Tennis. There were four lines and every column contains two seats. No two national level players and No two Hockey players possessed seats in the same line. Q is an International level player however he didn’t sit either with V or With W. P and V are identified with same amusement. P and S are in either National level player or International level player class. P and V are in the same classification with W either in National level or in International level. Q and S are not identified with the same amusement. W who is a Hockey player did not sit in column 4. R sat with S. Both U and W are the players of either Hockey or Tennis. P and V sat in line 1 and line 2 individually.

Person Row Level Sports
P 1 National Tennis
Q 1 International Hockey
R 4 International Hockey
S 4 National Tennis
T 3 International Tennis
U 2 International Hockey
V 2 National Tennis
W 3 National Hockey

Which Of The Accompanying Players Identified With National Level Players Category?
• P, R, S, T
• Q, R, S, V
• Q, W, S, P
• V, W, S, P
V, W, S, P
Which Of The Accompanying Blends Of Person-Row-Level-Sports Is Right ?
• Q – 3 – Inter National – Tennis
• S – 4 – National – Hockey
• W – 3 – National – Hockey
• T – 1 – Inter National – Tennis
W – 3 – National – Hockey
Which Of The Accompanying Proclamations Is Valid As For The Given Game Plan?
• Q Is An International Player And Sitting In Line 2.
• R Is Sitting In Line 4
• T Who Is Sitting In Line 3 Plays Hockey
• V Is An International Player
R is sitting in line 4
Who Among The Accompanying Sits In Row – 4?
• S
• P
• Q
• U
Who Among The Accompanying Sit With W In Row 3 ?
• T
• U
• Q
• P
Ten persons Arvind, Kapil Lalit, Mannu, Niroti, Prithvi, Chaman, Ramu, Sanjay and Zeeshan are sitting in two rows having five persons in each row. The persons in row 1 are facing south and the persons in row 2 are facing north. Each person in row 1 faces a person of the other row. All of them wear a shirt of a different company, viz. Raymond, Nike, Adidas, Peter England, Koolpals, Inkovy, Redox, Denim, Spykar and Park Avenue, but not necessarily in the same order.
The persons who wear Koolpals and Inkovy sit opposite each other. Prithvi sits opposite to Arvind, who wears Raymond. The one, who wears Nike sits opposite to the one who wears Denim. Zeeshan is not facing north but sits third to the left of Chaman, who wears Nike. There is only one person between Kapil and Lalit. Niroti sits at one of the ends of the row and wears Inkovy. The one who wears Denim sits on the immediate right of Mannu, who does not like the shirt of Park Avenue. The persons who wear Adidas and Peter England respectively are not facing north. Lalit wears Redox. The one who wears Peter England sits opposite the one who sits second to the right of Kapil. Sanjay does not like the shirt of Park Avenue. Niroti sits opposite the one who sits second to the left of the one who wears Adidas.
Who Among The Following Wears Park Avenue?
• Zeeshan
• Sanjay
• Ramu
• Prithvi
Kapil Wears The Shirt Of Which Company?
• Koolpals
• Denim
• Peter England
• Park Avenue
How Many Persons Sit Between Mannu And Niroti? A) B) C) D)
• One
• Two
• Three
• None
Four Of The Following Five Are Alike In A Certain Way And Thus Forms A Group. Find The One Which Does Not Belong To That Group.
• Mannu
• Lalit
• Ramu
• Niroti
Who Sits Second To The Right Of One Who Is Sitting Opposite To The One Who Wears Redox Brand Shirt?
• Chaman
• Mannu
• Ramu
• Sanjay
There is an auditorium having seats of either blue or green colour. These seats were occupied by 10 persons namely- A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J such that 5 of them occupy blue seats while other five occupies green seats. These 10 persons have different body weights- 65kg, 66kg, 67kg, 68kg, 69kg, 70kg, 71kg, 72kg, 73kg, and 74kg but not necessarily in the same order.
A was the heaviest and E was lightest among all. B did not sit on a blue seat and weighed less than G. F also weighed less than G but more than both B as well as D. C was seated on a blue chair and weighed more than both J and H. H and J sat on the chairs of same colour and their weights were two consecutive numbers. I weighed more than C but less than G. f sat on a Blue seat and weighed more than I. Both B and D weighed less than H. H’s weight is an even number. D and A sat on seats having same colour as that of C. B sat on seat having the colour as that of J. E sat on a chair that has the same colour to the one on which I seated.
What Is The Weight Of D?
• 71
• 77
• 66
• Can’t Be Determined
Can’t be determined
Who Weighs More Than J But Less Than I?
• B
• C
• E
• F
Who Does Not Sit On The Green Chair?
• G
• I
• H
• J
Who Weighs 66 Kgs?
• D
• B
• H
• Either B Or D
Either B or D
What Is The Colour Of The Seat On Which G Sat?
• Blue
• Green
• Black
• Can’t Be Determined
During a quiz contest, five players namely – Rinkesh, Shreshtha, Manish, Niranjan and Bobby were tested on their ability. Each of the players attempted 60 questions. The questions were classified into 3 types; correct, incorrect and skipped. The correct questions of the players were (25, 18, 23, 16 and 21). The incorrect questions of the players were (16, 18, 20, 24, 22). Each of them was wearing a tee-shirt of different colour and each of them had a different age from 21 to 25 years. Some additional information is given below:
Rinkesh’s number of skipped questions was 26 but was not 24 year old.
Manish’s number of correct questions was 23 but had the lowest number of skipped questions together with Niranjan. Manish didn’t wear Grey tee-shirt.
The person who was 24 year old, attempted 25 questions correctly and attempted 22 incorrectly.
Manish was 21 year old and there was someone wearing blue and a black tee-shirt.
Neither of Shreshtha nor Rinkesh wore a grey tee-shirt.
The difference between the age of Shreshtha and Rinkesh is 1 with Shreshtha being older than him.
The person who is 23 year old attempted 20 questions incorrectly while the person who is 25 year old solved 21 questions correctly.
White tee-shirt was put on by the person whose number of skipped questions was 23 while cream tee-shirt was put on by the person whose number of incorrect questions was 24.
Shreshtha had skipped 22 while Bobby attempted 16 questions incorrectly.
How Many Questions Were Skipped By Manish?
• 26
• 22
• 13
• 23
Which Of The Following Combinations Is True Regarding Person-T Shirt Color-Age?
• Shreshtha-Blue-23
• Bobby-White-25
• Rinkesh-Black-24
• Manish-Grey-21
22 Incorrect Questions Were Attempted By Which Of The Following Persons?
• Rinkesh
• Manish
• Shreshtha
• None Of These
None of these
Who Among The Following Attempted Highest Number Of Correct Questions?
• Niranjan
• Bobby
• Shreshtha
• Manish
Shreshta Is Wearing Which Of The Following Color’s T-Shirt?
• Black
• Blue
• Grey
• Either Blue Or Black
Either Blue or Black

इस पोस्ट में Puzzle Questions with Answers for Bank Exams Reasoning Questions and Answers reasoning puzzle questions in hindi reasoning puzzles pdf reasoning puzzles tricks bankers adda reasoning puzzle pdf high level reasoning puzzles pdf  से संबंधित काफी महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी दी गई है यह जानकारी फायदेमंद लगे तो अपने दोस्तों के साथ शेयर करें और इसके बारे में आप कुछ जानना यह पूछना चाहते हैं तो नीचे कमेंट करके अवश्य पूछे.

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