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High Level Reasoning Puzzles For SBI PO pdf Download

High Level Reasoning Puzzles For SBI PO pdf Download

Puzzles sabhi  Bank Reasoning ka sabse hard topic hota hai lekin yah topic reasoning ki cut off ko clear karwata hai kyoki  bhut se candidate Puzzles topic ko chod date hai.kyoki yah topic bhut jyada time leta hai.par candidate ko yh nhi pata hota ki yadi yah topic jyada time leta hai toh yah number bhi achee deta hai.aur yadi candidate achii practice kare toh time ko kam kiya ja sakta hai.

Aur achii practice ke sath kuch achii tricks ke sath puzzles ko solve kar sakte hai.aur Puzzles ki practices karne ka sabse assan tarika jab exam ki prepration karne lage us din se assan assan puzzles ko solve karna start kare starting me bilkul easy puzzles ke sath practice  kare aur ek bar achaa interest bna aur thodi bhut bhut puzzles ane lage uske bad achee level ki puzzles ke  sath practice kare .aur ab SBI PO ke liye notification aya hua hai toh koi bhi candidate jo reasoning ki prepration karna chahta hai aur puzzles ki practice karna chahta hai  uske liye typewise puzzles ki pdf provide ki hai candidate yanha se download kar sakte hai.
(1) There are seven persons A, B, C, D, E, F and G situated in Delhi. Each of them is from an alternate state, has an alternate calling, and plays an alternate instrument.
(2) C, a specialist, is from Bihar.
(3) E and F play mandolin and violin, however not as a matter of course in a specific order.
(4) An is not from Kerala.
(5) The individual from Kerala is a specialist and plays guitar.
(6) The legal counselor plays sitar.
(7) The agent from UP plays violin.
(8) The instructor and the cricketer play woodwind and piano, however not as a matter of course in a specific order.
(9) F is a pilot.
(10) The Maharashtrian is an instructor.
(11) The Gujarati plays piano.
(12) G, a Punjabi, does not play sarod.
(13) B is a cricketer.

Which State Does A Have A Place With?
• Gujarat
• Kerala
• Maharashtra
• Can’t Say
Which Instrument Does B Play?
• Woodwind
• Piano
• Sarod
• Can’t Say
Which Instrument Does C Play?
• Mandolin
• Sitar
• Violin
• None Of These
None of these
What Is D’s Calling? A) Engineer B) Lawyer C) Teacher D) Can’t Say
• Engineer
• Lawyer
• Teacher
• Can’t Say
Which State Does E Have A Place With?
• Gujarat
• Kerala
• UP
• Can’t Say
Eight persons W, E, R, Y, U, I and O are living in a building from top to bottom but not in the same order.
The one who is at top floor is neighbour of T. R is not the neighbour of U. Y is at third floor. The one who is at bottom floor is neighbour of R. W lives between U and E. I is not at eighth floor.
Who Lives At Sixth Floor?
• E
• T
• U
• O
How Many Persons Live Between Y And R?
• Four
• Two
• Three
• One
Who Lives At The Seventh Floor?
• Y
• U
• I
• R
Who Is/Are Neighbour(S) Of Y?
• O And W
• T And U
• E And U
• R And U
T and U
What Is True Regarding I?
• I Lives At Third Floor
• I Lives At Even Number’s Floor
• I Lives At Eighth Floor
• I Lives At First Floor
I lives at first floor
Eight friends−J, K, L, M, N, O, P and Q live on eight unique floors of a building however not as a matter of course in the same request. The lowermost floor of the building is numbered one, the one over that is numbered two thus on till the highest floor is numbered eight. J lives on floor numbered four. One and only individual lives amongst J and L. O lives on the floor instantly beneath L. One and only individual lives amongst O and P. P lives above O. O lives on floor numbered five. Stand out individual live amongst K and N, M lives on an even numbered floor yet does not live on floor numbered eight. K lives underneath Q’s floor.
Four Of The Accompanying Five Are Indistinguishable According To The Given Game Plan And In This Way Shape A Gathering. Which Of The Accompanying Does Not Have A Place With That Gathering?
• MN
• ) LJ
• MJ
• PO
Who Lives Precisely Between The Floors On Which L And J Live?
• K
• P
• O
• N
Who Amongst The Accompanying Lives On Floor Numbered 2?
• M
• L
• O
• Q
Which Of The Accompanying Is Valid About M According To Given Game Plan?
• M Lives On The Lowermost Floor.
• K Lives On One Of The Floor Beneath M.
• All The Given Proclamations Are Valid.
• Only Two Individuals Live Amongst M And O.
Only two individuals live amongst M and O.
On The Off Chance That L And Q Exchange Their Places Thus Do M And J, Who Amongst The Accompanying Will Live Between The Floors On Which M And P Live, According To The Given Course Of Action?
• Only Q
• Only L
• Both P And L
• Both Q And O
Both Q and O


Position Box Fruit
7 R Pomegranate
6 U Orange
5 Q Banana
4 T Guava
3 V Apple
2 P Plum
1 S Mango

According To The Given Game Plan, S Is Identified With Pomegranate And U Is Identified With Plum Positively. To Which Of The Accompanying Is V Identified With The Same Way?
• Pomegranate
• Orange
• Banana
• Guava
Which Of The Accompanying Sets Of Individuals Possess The Top, Center And Botttom Positions Of The Course Of Action?
• Q, U, S
• R, T, S
• P, T, V
• R, P, T
R, T, S
Which Blend Speaks To The Position Of R And The Natural Product?
• 5 – Pomegranate
• 7 – Pomegranate
• 4 – Guava
• 1 – Mango
7 – Pomegranate
Which Amongst The Accompanying Orchestrated Precisely In Betwen U And T?
• P
• S
• Q
• T
Which Of The Accompanying Natural Product Is Filled In Box “P”?
• Orange
• Pomegranate
• Plum
• Guava

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