Eapro 1 Kw Solar System Price in India

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The sun is the largest reservoir of natural energy, and it is due to its energy that life is possible on Earth. Solar panels are used to convert the energy obtained from the sun into electrical energy. A complete solar system includes solar inverters, solar panels, solar batteries, and a solar charge controller. If you want to install the Eapro 1 Kw solar system, you can obtain information about the total cost involved through this article.

The use of solar systems produces environmentally friendly electricity. This helps in reducing any kind of pollution. The increased carbon footprint in the environment can be reduced by using solar systems more extensively, which can eliminate the dependence on fossil fuels for consumers of solar systems. Using solar systems can also result in discounts on grid electricity bills.

Eapro 1 Kw Solar Panel Price

By using 1Kw solar panels, electricity production of up to 4 to 5 units per day can be achieved. It is essential to have the appropriate amount of sunlight each day for this. Eapro manufactures both polycrystalline and monocrystalline type solar panels. Both types of solar panels have their own characteristics, with polycrystalline solar panels being cheaper, while monocrystalline solar panels tend to be more expensive compared to polycrystalline ones.

The average cost of Eapro’s 1Kw polycrystalline solar panel is around Rs. 19,000. In a 1Kw solar system, 3 solar panels of 330 watts each can be used, or the consumer can opt for 4 solar panels of 250 watts each in this solar system.

The average cost of Eapro’s 1Kw monocrystalline solar panel can be up to Rs. 23,000. These are high-efficiency solar panels capable of producing electricity even in adverse weather conditions. Consumers can use 2 solar panels of 500 watts each in a 1Kw capacity solar system.

Eapro Best 1 Kw Solar Inverter Price

The Eapro solar system utilizes the Eapro H-1700 Solar Inverter, which can be used in a 1Kw solar system. It is a PWM technology-based solar inverter with a current rating of 50 amperes for the attached solar charge controller.

This solar inverter can accommodate a maximum of 1600 watts of solar panels, allowing it to easily operate a load of up to 1460 watts. It can be connected to a 12-volt battery. The approximate price of this solar inverter is Rs. 11,000, and the manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty. An LCD display is used to make this inverter user-friendly.

Capacity (VA) 1450VA
Nominal battery voltage (Vdc) 24V
Charge Controller Type PWM
Charge Controller Rating 50A/12V
Maximum PV Power 1600Wp
Rated Output Power (kVA) 1450VA
Input Voltage Range (Voc) 46V
Input Voltage Range (Vmp) 29V -36V
Battery Boost volatage (Adjustable) 14.4V (Default setting)
Battery Low Cut (Adjustable) 10.6V (Default setting)
Grid charging current(Adjustable) 20A (Default setting)
Solar Charging Current(Adjustable) 40A (Default setting)
Dimensions (L*W*H) [mm] 405*370*260 mm (Net Weight 14.96 Kg)
Supported Battery Types Flat,Tubular, VRLA(SMF)

Eapro Battery For Solar Inverter

“Eapro manufactures low maintenance solar batteries. These batteries are known for their tubular, gel, and SMF types. The price of solar batteries varies depending on their capacity. In Eapro solar systems with a capacity of 1Kw, only one battery is used in the solar inverter. Consumers can choose the appropriate capacity battery based on their power backup needs:

  • The price of the Eapro 100 Ah solar battery is approximately Rs. 9,500.
  • The price of the Eapro 150 Ah solar battery is approximately Rs. 12,500.
  • The price of the Eapro 170 Ah solar battery is approximately Rs. 15,800.

Eapro 1 Kw Solar System Price in India

A 1Kw capacity solar system is a small-scale solar system, and other equipment can be used for the protection of solar devices. Different types of wires are used to connect the solar system. The additional expenses for installing a 1Kw solar system can be up to a maximum of Rs. 10,000.

Affordable Eapro 1 Kw Solar System Price

Eapro Solar Equipment & Others price
1kw Polycrystalline solar panel Rs 19,000
Eapro H-1700  Solar Inverter Rs 11,500
100 Ah solar battery Rs 9,500
other expenses Rs 10,000
total cost Rs 50,000

Best Eapro 1 Kw Solar System Price

Eapro Solar Equipment & Others price
1 KW Mono PERC Solar Panel Rs 23,000
Eapro H-1700 PWM Solar Inverter Rs 11,500
150 Ah solar battery Rs 12,500
other expenses Rs 10,000
total cost Rs 58,000

Eapro 1 Kw Solar System Price With Subsidy

The Indian government’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has initiated a solar subsidy scheme. Under this scheme, you can receive a subsidy of Rs. 30,000 for installing your 1-kilowatt solar system. This scheme applies to off-grid solar systems, which do not require battery usage. Therefore, you can set up a 1-kilowatt solar system for Rs. 35,000 under this scheme.

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